About Us


Alliance’s work makes it possible for individuals and families to create homes for themselves, regardless of income and background by developing and managing housing that is:
• inclusive,
• affordable,
• relational, and
• flexible.

In addition, Alliance Housing challenges the environment that limits our residents’ opportunities.


Alliance Housing was born out of the vision of St. Stephens’ emergency shelter staff and residents who wanted to create tangible, long term housing solutions for homeless families and individuals. The organization was incorporated in 1991 and took advantage of vacant and available properties at low cost in South Minneapolis. Alliance continues to honor its history by developing housing solutions for homeless, poor and other individuals left out of market opportunities.



Statement of Activities & Changes in Net Assets

For the 12 months ending June 30, 2019

Support and revenue:

Contributions $212,983
Government Grants $228,087
Partnership management fees $191,046
Rental revenue $1,795,090
Miscellaneous income $20,754
Total $2,447,960


Operating expenses:

Administrative & management $90,899
Fundraising $43,386
Basic needs housing management $949,897
Workforce housing management $1,564,888
Program services $269,977
Total $2,919,037
Net income after debt forgiveness & other changes in net assets -$278,776


Statement of Financial Position

As of June 30, 2019


Cash – Operations $243,044
Cash – Restricted $2,282,333
Other Receivables $32,339
Prepaid Expenses $99,708
Rental Properties, Net $25,375,852
Other Assets, Net $15,703
Total $28,048,979


Accounts Payable $124,460
Accrued Payroll & Related $24,981
Construction payables $1,752,610
Accrued Real Estate Taxes $136,457
Security Deposits $121,111
Line of credit $100,000
Debt $11,296,771
Deferred Notes Payable $3,602,908
Accrued Interest – Short & Long Term $757,498
Total $17,916,796

Net assets:

Unrestricted $8,756,531
Temporarily Restricted $1,375,652
Total $10,132,183
Total Liabilities and Net Assets $28,048,979


Download The 2018/2019 Annual Report Here


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Barbara Jeanetta
Executive Director
(612) 879-7633
post image
Bob Bono
South Minneapolis Property Manager
(612) 872-2310
post image
Michael Bobick
post image
Craig Spivey
Maintenance Assistant & Caretaker; 2011 Pillsbury
post image
Mary Resemius
Housing Operations Assistant
post image
Raymond Wolfe
Maintenance Technician
post image
Tamuno Imbu
Property Manager


Ben Olk, III

Board President, President of National Checking Company

Casie Moen

Project Manager– Affordable Housing, US Bank

Dean LeDoux

Principal, Lathrop GPM

Francis Neir

Board Secretary, Retired Sales Executive

Jarett Lettner

Senior Vice President, Wells Fargo Bank NA

Kimberly Spates

Board Vice President, COO Northpoint Health & Wellness Center

Lisa Buckhalton

Resident, entrepreneur, health care

Michael Mack

Resident, custodian

Mike Brown

VP Marketing & Communications, Greater MSP

Miranda Walker

Senior Loan Officer, Greater MN Housing Fund

Rick Nelson

Board President, Senior Lecturer in Finance, University of Minnesota

Scott Redd

Managment & leadership, affordable housing and support services field

Tica Hanson

Nurse, Department of Corections