Policy & Advocacy

While Alliance Housing dipped its toe into policy advocacy two years ago, its new strategic plan sets the following goals:

  1. Goal: Articulate and advocate for a policy agenda that increases resources for housing those with the lowest income and addresses issues that impede access to and retention of stable housing.
  2. Goal: Articulate and establish Alliance’s brand among key stakeholders in community.

Alliance’s policy agenda revolves around the following three categories.

1.  Bricks & Mortar | Building More Affordable Housing

Alliance Housing feels the weight of the market-wide shortage of affordable housing through the number of calls we receive daily and the stories we hear from our recently-housed residents.  Additional affordable housing units are necessary to end homelessness. Alliance takes its lead from several policy collaboratives and organizations including: Homes for All Coalition MN, Make Homes Happen MPLS, MN Housing Partnership, MN Coalition for the Homeless and the National Low Income Housing Coalition.

During the 2018 Make Homes Happen MPLS successfully influenced the Mayor and Council of the City of Minneapolis to triple the amount of resources in the 2019 budget for affordable housing.  The next challenge is to convince them to make this an ongoing, dedicated resource.

2. Access to Affordability | Lowering the Barriers

While money for housing is fundamental, we also are working to ensure that affordable housing is available for all. At Alliance Housing, we practice Housing First, giving people a chance regardless of their criminal, rental, or financial background. We are working to expand the housing market by increasing opportunities across the market for our current and prospective tenants.

There is evidence of this work in government capital funder applications.  Hennepin County and MN Housing now ask applicants how they will “screen in (verses out)” tenants.

3. Opportunity for Stability | Supporting Agendas for Prosperity

Along with the priorities directly relating to housing, we know this alone is not enough. We recognize that our tenants lives won’t be stabilized without fair wages and dignified treatment in the workplace, rehabilitative justice systems, and access to programs and supports for mental health treatment.

Alliance Housing’s 2018 tenant policy survey indicates that better wages and criminal justice reform is high on their priorities.