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Updates from Brenda and Jontel

Posted on: September 15th, 2014

Brenda-outsideYou may remember Brenda from our 2012 Annual Report. Brenda as well as her husband and their two pre-teens moved into a 3-bedroom Alliance property from a shelter. Today Brenda’s husband is working as a cook and she continues her work at the Mall of America, where she recently received a raise and encouragement to apply for a leadership role during her review. The girls love their own rooms and the whole family appreciates moving off busy Broadway Avenue onto a quieter street.

Jontel, also featured in our 2012 Annual Report, will graduate from Culinary Arts School this June. With improved study habits, he is excelling in school receiving A’s and B’s in the most difficult courses. Jontel is now working part-time and has his three children 4 days each week. He is looking forward to graduating from school so he is able to work full-time and save some money. After moving from place to place, Jontel moved into Alliance Housing where he has now had stable housing for the past 3 years, which allows him the freedom to pursue his career and provide for his children.

Support Services Coordinators on the North Side

Posted on: September 15th, 2014

Melanie-post-imageWith recent investments from the Otto Bremer & WCA Foundation and Hennepin County, Alliance Housing will be able to double the size of our Northside Supportive Housing for Families program. We’ll expand from working with 26 families to 50 by the end of the year through agreements with other North Minneapolis rental property owners.

Melanie Williams will begin her work in early May, getting oriented alongside veteran, Sue Roedl, and building trusting relationships with families. Melanie says, “I’m excited about this opportunity to work as a Supportive Housing Coordinator with Alliance. The mission of the organization, as well as the program incentives that promote self-sufficiency among families to set goals that involve a career, training and education really resonate with what I’m passionate about. I am truly looking forward to working with families and supporting them in achieving their goals.”

Program Successes

Posted on: September 15th, 2014

We’re seeing promising results from participants in the Northside Supportive Housing for Families program.  They prove out the growing understanding that stable housing is a key to kids doing well in school, parents being more successful in work and overall family well-being. Here are some current successes of note:

  •  5 have experienced their longest stay in one apartment – 2 for an average of 33 months compared to 3 months previously.
  • 4 received their GED & 4 enrolled in post-secondary school – important for opening up higher paying  job opportunities.
  • 10 opened a bank account & 4 started paying down debt – building towards economic stability.
  • 3 got their driver’s license – an achievement in process and the increased access and flexibility to get to work.
  • 6 are receiving their highest wages in their lives – an average of $10.76/hour.

One resident stated in regards to her financial debt, “I used to just think who cares I’m going to die sometime anyway. Now I want to pay it off so I can save money and help my kids.” Since moving into Alliance Housing, this resident has paid off $13,000 of her $17,000 in debt!