Stable housing is the foundation of accomplishing just about anything in one’s life.
Can you imagine what your life would be without it? We can’t.
• We believe everyone deserves stable housing.


Alliance builds and manages quality, affordable housing for people with very low incomes or who need a 2nd chance.


We are in the business of housing people, not screening them out.
We give nearly everyone a 2nd chance, whether or not they’ve got criminal, housing and credit mars in their past.
• We use hands on, relational property management to keep our buildings an asset for the tenants & neighbors.
• We keep our rents as low as possible so low wage workers & people on a fixed income can afford to pay.
• Our board includes some of our tenants and makes decisions considering a tenant’s perspective.

Alliance’s work makes it possible for individuals and families to create homes for themselves. Like us all, having stable housing makes it possible for our tenants to get their kids to school each day, manage their medications and health, get & keep jobs.