In 1996, Greg suffered a gunshot wound to his spine that left him partially paralyzed and in a wheelchair. Greg’s life had been full of guns, drugs, and criminal activity. Greg came from Atlanta to Minnesota where he ended up in a shelter during COVID-19. While at the shelter, Greg worked hard to find a job, housing, and find long-term stability. However, with his criminal record, no one would give him a chance. Things turned around when he was approved for Supplemental Security Income, and his Case Worker was able to get him a single room at Alliance Housing’s 2011 Pillsbury building.

Greg said that, at age 54, his room at Pillsbury is the first time in his life he has ever had a lease. He feels that staff treats him well and help him when needed. When Greg moved into Pillsbury, the only unit open was the third floor. Greg said, “no problem. I want out of the Shelter—I can do this.” There is not an elevator at the Pillsbury building. With the sheer strength of his upper body, Greg got up the steps to his home. Months later he was able to transfer to the second-floor room and continued to get up those steps. Finally, this Spring, Greg moved into a first-floor unit.