Alliance fills a critical niche in Minneapolis’ affordable housing marketplace. Our units are some of the most affordable – a Single Room Occupancy (SRO) room, where a resident shares a bathroom and kitchen, costs as little as $350 per month. Our largest apartments, with three bedrooms, cost $915 per month. These rents are 15-30% below market.

A recent study by the National Low Income Housing Coalition analyzed how many hours a minimum wage worker had to work in order to afford an average cost 2 bedroom apartment. In MN, it was 91 hours per week. Alliance rents simple rooms with shared bath and kitchen facilities, studios and 1-3 bedroom apartments. With support from donors, we’re able to keep rents affordable to low wage workers. A minimum wage worker would have to work 25 hours per week to afford an Alliance room and 55 hours in a week to afford a 2 bedroom unit – well below the averages and manageable for two less than full-time wage earners in a family.

We rent to tenants that other landlords turn down because of their low income or poor rental and criminal histories. Without stable housing these individuals are unable to hold down a job or get their children to school every day. We provide support and flexibility so our tenants can maintain their housing. Many of our tenants are low wage and seasonal workers – essential to our economy but leaving them with insufficient income to afford market rent apartments.

Alliance Housing has developed 607 housing units, all in Minneapolis.

  • 102 units are scattered among 23 properties. Alliance owns and manages the properties.
  • 234 units are in four apartment buildings. Alliance is the owner and contracts with an independent property manager.
  • 271 units are sober supportive housing units. Alliance Housing was a co-developer, is a part owner and has no active role in day to day management.