The grand opening of 3301 Nicollet

Earlier this spring, Alliance hosted the grand opening of our newest property: a 64-unit apartment at 3301 Nicollet Ave. Community members, board members, staff, and city and county officials gathered on April 20th to celebrate! Together, we toured the property, learned about the design and construction process from architect Paul Gates, and heard from residents and project leaders about the impacts of the project. We’re excited to provide more affordable housing for people who need it in a brand-new, eco-friendly building.

Kids around mulch pile resized

When Alliance first purchased the land in 2017, we knew from prior experience that bringing the building to completion would be complicated—the process includes acquiring funding, drafting and finalizing building plans, and undertaking construction. But we didn’t know that this would all take place during a pandemic, adding to the complications.

When designing 3301 Nicollet, Alliance’s vision was to provide environmentally sustainable brick-and-mortar housing solutions to address homelessness in the Lyndale neighborhood. Of the 64 units, 24 are reserved for individuals transitioning out of homelessness, providing access to housing for individuals transitioning out of homelessness is a critical part of Alliance’s mission. Individuals can also access on-site supportive services provided by AVIVO. The remaining 40 units are reserved for adults and small families earning 30% to 50% of the Area Median Income (AMI).

3301 Nicollet includes eco-friendly linoleum flooring, bike storage, EV charging stations, and rooftop solar panels. Providing sustainable and affordable energy in our new buildings is crucial. Using renewable energy creates positive environmental impacts, but also it also reduces energy costs for the building, savings which get passed on to tenants. Sustainability both aligns with our values and is increasingly a funder requirement.

Leasing for the property began in December 2022. By the time the grand opening rolled around in March 2023, only 3 of the 64 units were vacant, with two more move-ins happening later that week. While we are thrilled that the building is full, it is clear we need even more affordable housing in Minneapolis.

At the Grand Opening event, one of 3301 Nicollet’s first tenants Toni Thompson spoke during the program. She said, “I have not had access to stable housing for the last 10 years. During this time, I struggled with depression. I am thrilled to have my own place and begin to work on some of my goals around stabilizing my mental health and reconnecting with family.”

By Eva Schmidt, Executive Assistant